img_4690Chinese-Jamaican, American and proud. Passionate about cultural issues that bring people together for social change.

That was the topline. Here is the real scoop. I have always been obsessed with stories. My mom said I had a vivid imagination and they could never tell me anything because the next day the entire neighborhood would know. I would talk to all the gardeners and helpers on the street and tell them everything that was going on.

I am forever grateful to my parents for my Jamaican childhood and the way they raised my sisters and I. We grew up going to my grandmother’s house every Sunday. Sunday dinners were sacred – think fried chicken, pink lemonade, America’s Funniest Home Videos, song/dance performances from Shine Eye Gal to Madonna, and lots and lots of laughter with about 20 people give or take a cousin or two.

Our national motto is ‘Out of Many, One People’. It was normal to be surrounded by diversity. From three to 10 years old, I didn’t even realize I was Asian as funny as that sounds. Some of my FAVOURITE memories are teatime at Strawberry Hill pre-Hurricane Gilbert, performing Sense of Purpose with my classmates including the children of reggae royalty, and celebrating special events like United Nations day and Hungry Belly day. My friends from Hillel Academy and Immaculate Conception High School are still among my closest confidants and when we get together we look like a Benetton ad.

It makes total sense that I was a member of the AHANA Leadership Council PR team at Boston College, lived in Spain for two years, studied International Education at NYU while living at International House and worked at a nonprofit called the Global Peace Initiative of Women.

Today, I am a vice president in the CSR & Social Impact Practice at Finn Partners, a full-service, global public relations firm. I’ve been with them for over a decade and find great satisfaction working with incredibly smart, dedicated people on pressing social issues to make a difference. I also get the feeling that I am right where I am suppose to be, hence my blog.

Oh, I was also a senior editor for the first Caribbean men’s magazine, called G Caribbean. That was fun.