Crazy Coincidences: From Basking Ridge to Brooklyn

This literally happened last night and I felt compelled to write a quick post. I went to my friend’s housewarming party in Brooklyn and met a bunch of people. Everyone was really nice. I started talking to this one woman, and it went something like this:

Me: Hi. I’m Brianne. What’s your name?

Her: I’m Sanette. 

Me: Oh, do you work at Amex with Susan?

Her: No, not any more. 

Me: (Pause.) Ok this is going to sound strange, but do you work at Verizon?

Her: (Longer pause. Strange look in her face. Side glance that says this is weird…) Ahh, yes. 

Me: Do you work with Amy Terpeluk and the CSR group at Finn Partners? 

Her: Yes. How do you know that? 

Me: This is so crazy. I work in the CSR team at Finn. I have never heard your name before and I’ve been hearing them talk about this new person. ‘Oh Sanette is so great’… Sanette this, Sanette that… and I just took a guess that you were that Sanette.

Her: That IS crazy. Susan, come over here. You have to hear this. 

(After we got over that, Sanette and I went on to have a great conversation about our travels and mutual interests.)


Sanette recently joined Verizon and hasn’t been working with the Finn Partners team for long. I don’t think she has even been to our office so I’ve never met her. I just know that the team has been happy working with her and that she really knows her stuff. It’s always great when your client counterparts are good collaborators. It makes you better partners. I’m not on that account, but this one will go down in the books as a funny ‘out of office’ experience.

I think it’s always cool when you meet people and realize you know someone in common. But in this case, I somehow put two and two together before we could even realize it. Maybe it was a good guess, but I think this falls into the crazy coincidences category.






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