Amazing Jamaicans

I am starting a new series of stories soon on “Amazing People”. Like my crazy coincidences, I am blessed to run into, meet, and learn about some amazing people, Jamaicans, women, young people and spiritual leaders in particular.

One of the things I am learning though is that there are so many amazing people who we never get to meet and know about. We have a great deal of undiscovered and undeveloped talent in Jamaica. In my quest to highlight those who I think are doing wonderful work, I also want to support those who are in the process and who are figuring things out.

For this Giving Season, I launched a campaign to create a Scholarship Fund for Jamaicans to take a leadership program called Momentum Education. I took this program and this blog is a direct result of it. I got clear on what I wanted and who I wanted to be.

In a shameless plug for this fundraising effort, here is the link in case you are curious. It’s all about creating new possibilities for Jamaica, because I know there are a lot of “Amazing Jamaicans” out there.

To be continued…. Laters.






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