Crazy Coincidences: Euro Cup 2016

Here is a round about one.

After a business trip to Italy this summer, I went to Germany for the first time. It coincided with when my friends, Arti and Dennis, were passing through Berlin.

Arti is one of my dearest friends, Indian-Japanese and a globe trotter to the max. My friend Jen also decided to come over from London to join me. Jen is a friend from NYC who I met years ago volunteering at the soup kitchen. It was going to be a little reunion.

Jen and I researched a bunch of hotels in West Berlin. However, Arti, whose husband is German, recommended we stay at Hotel Amano in East Berlin. It was away from the tourist areas and I trusted Arti, so I booked it. When I got there, I actually went to the wrong Hotel Amano. I didn’t realize there were two locations. Anyways, everything worked out and it was a great area to be in.

On one of the days, Jen and I decided to rent bicycles to ride all around Berlin. It was my first time riding a bike in 20 years and on the street with cars! I nearly crashed a couple of times and got arrested, but that’s another story!


While we were in Berlin, Euro Cup was also going on. I had been watching the games throughout my trip and now Germany was playing Italy. It was going to be a big one, especially because Italy had beaten Spain (my #1 team) to get there.

Arti invited us to watch by a friend’s house, but Jen and I wanted to try a biergarten. Everything was booked up. However, we saw that the Hotel Amano was going to show it on the roof. So after a long day of being out, we decided to stay local and go to the roof.


I got there early to save us seats and there was a mix of local people and tourists. I could see some American students in the crowd. While I was waiting for Jen to come, I spotted some guys from New York City. They were friends of a friend, and we had all met at a birthday party. Now they were there for a bachelor party weekend! It was so fun to run into them, especially when none of us thought were were going to watch the game there. Turns out they were staying at Hotel Amano too!


Thomas, the one getting married, is friends with my friend Shilpa, who is friends with my friend, Geena. Geena invited me to Shilpa’s birthday and that is where I met Thomas and the rest of the guys. I met Geena through my friend Rohini. Funny thing… there is a Jamaican connection here. Rohini went to college with my best friend from Jamaica. Shipa’s close family friends are Jamaican and Geena’s former boss/mentor moved to Jamaica to run an electricity company. Jamaicans and their football! Congrats Thomas!


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