Crazy Coincidences: Fashion with a Purpose September 2016

Here is a recent one: I recently enrolled in Momentum Education, a personal and professional development program recommended by my cousin. I didn’t know anyone going into it, but I ended up meeting incredible people, who I would not have met otherwise. One of them was Justin, a dedicated dad, who works in finance and meditates.

After the program, Justin organized a Sunday event at his house, a tradition started by his grandfather. On this occasion, instead of buying food that could get wasted, he let us know he was taking specific food requests and ordering t-shirts for the kids from a company called Nalu. Justin had just met Dali, a 15-year-old girl from Bali, who on a trip to India learned that girls her age were dropping out of school because they didn’t have uniforms. So Dali and her brother started a company to sell t-shirts and for every item sold, a uniform would be donated to a child in need.

I loved the concept and even though I couldn’t make the Sunday potluck I told Justin I would support. Normally, I would take forever to follow through, but Momentum taught me I needed to add urgency to my life. I ordered a black sweatshirt and promptly forgot about it.

Weeks later a package arrived for me at work. It was a brown envelop, torn and taped up, with a handwritten address from Bali, Indonesia. It was my sweatshirt coming all the way from South East Asia to my office in Manhattan by regular mail.

I sent Justin a note that I received it and was very happy with the product. It was super-soft and the simple black design worked. I ended up wearing it all weekend long and even got compliments from two designer friends on mine.

The following weekend, I met up with two French friends, both of whom I had met out and about in New York. Helene, a former designer for Calvin Klein, I met in a Gotham magazine writing class and Laure, a sales and marketing manager from Paris, I met at a rooftop party in Soho. The moment I sat down Helene asked me where I had gotten my sweatshirt. I said, “Oh, through my friend Justin from Momentum.”


Crazy Coincidence

“What? That’s incredible. That is the company I’m working with!” exclaimed Helene, who had started a branding and marketing company about a year ago. What are the chances? Helene proceeded to tell me the story about the two young siblings, Doli (now 16) and Finn (12), and the company they had started together based on the ‘Get Give Model’. Think Toms Shoes. Not only was increasing access to uniforms critical to promoting girls education, an issue I am very passionate about, but the product itself was really cool.

I was meant to know Nalu through Justin and Helene, and now you get to know them too!

Learn more at and get a t-shirt now.


3 thoughts on “Crazy Coincidences: Fashion with a Purpose September 2016

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience- it warmed our hearts. I think we need to work on our packaging though! Please extend a big hello to Justin too x Dali xx


    1. Dali, I actually love that it came in a regular envelope. It was like getting a gift from a friend and it felt more personal. I really do love my sweatshirt and I have a few friends ready to order! I believe in what you’re doing so let me know how I can support. I will be in touch with Helene about this.


  2. Brianne, this is so cool. It just goes to show that our degrees of separation are not as far as once thought. 6 degrees…try 3. I can’t wait to read more stories!


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